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by Gwendolyn Ng, mypaper

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Date: 11 October 2010

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Animals Speak to Her - Interview with Rosina, Animal Communicator by Razor TV

Dog Psychic? (Animals Speak to Her Pt 1)
Can humans communicate with animals? Can they converse telepathically with them? Using just a photo of people's pets, Rosina seems to be able to do just that. So what's the verdict from the pet owners?

Supernatural Telepathic Powers (Animals Speak to Her Pt 2)
Can we really communicate with animals, or is it all just mumbo jumbo?
We find out what participants at an animal communication event thought, and what they would like to learn from their pets.

A Real Life Dr. Dolittle? (Animals Speak to Her Pt 3)
Can she really talk to animals? Rosina tells us how she does it, and explains how they actually can speak to us.  Plus, find out why she avoids wet markets, puppy farms and factory farms as well.

Believe It Or Not! (Animals Speak to Her Pt 4)
RazorTV put Rosina to the test with Sara's dog, Mumble. Were her readings right? Were any secrets revealed?

Source: Razor TV
Date: 17 March 2010

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Animal Cruelty by Razor TV

Interview with Razor TV on Animal Cruelty 

Doused with Diesel (Animal Cruelty Pt 1)
He was found loitering around the Kranji industrial area. Abused and frail, the badly injured dog was subject to further torture till Noah's Ark found and rescued him. Diesel's tale will definitely move your heart.

Who is the animal here? (Animal Cruelty Pt 2)
A man was recently jailed for 10 weeks for the abuse of a cat, and there has been an alarming steady rise of abuse reports in Singapore.

SPCA tells us more about the worrying trend and highlights two cases, including the sad story of Cubby, a 6 month old pup who was found kept in a cupboard under lock and key.

Extreme abuse cases (Animal Cruelty Pt 3)
There have been many extreme abuse cases happening lately, especially to cats, and many are still unresolved. From being thrown from flats to having necklaces threaded through body parts, no reward is too big to find the cruel people who have caused these animals so much pain.

Used. Abused. Unwanted. Abandoned. (Animal Cruelty Pt 4)
Now a little cotton candy ball of fluff, this Bichon Frise has been loved back to health and looks like he's been given an extreme makeover.

But not all dogs are as fortunate. Sweet and adorable Jeremy, could not even be identified as the Maltese he is when he was just rescued. Still recovering from his trauma, those big eyes and gentle ways will melt your heart.

Source: Razor TV
Date: 1 March 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010

Different Faces

Most of us are familiar with Raymund Wee and know him as the Founder of Noah's Ark. Have you wondered though why he has devoted his life, and continues to do so for the animals? Here's your opportunity to get a deeper insight into this man who has given a big part of his life into making Noah's Ark one of the largest private animal sanctuaries today.

Raymund was featured in "Different Faces", a programme on the Okto channel on TV, on 11 January 2010. "Different Faces" is a series featuring inspirational stories revolving around people from different walks of life. It aims to portray the power within each of us to affect positive changes in the lives of the people close to us and within our community.

In the case of Raymund, you will find out more about how his steadfast passion in leaving a legacy of love for the animals has brought about positive change, not just to the people in our community but importantly, to the animals who need it most.

And if you have yet to visit Noah's Ark, this programme will give you a glimpse into this sanctuary that is home to more than 1,000 animals, and that Raymund calls "home".

We hope through the programme, you will have greater conviction about the work that Raymund and all the volunteers do, with passion and commitment, to ensure that Noah's Ark continues to thrive.

To view behind the scene of the documentary visit

Source: Okto
Date: 11 January 2010