Monday, 10 October 2011

Life As a Stray

Life As a Stray

The following video was produced by
St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School
Dedicated to our Street Dogs

Many of us would love to give our Singapore Specials a place to call home - unfortunately, due to HDB* guidelines this is not possible.

We hope that one day the authorities will change the guidelines and allow our Singapore Sepcials to stay in our HDB apartments.

We are Responsible Pet Owners, we train our dogs to listen, to obey and to respect our community and neighbours. 

If the authorities give Pet Owners a chance to let our Singapore Specials stay in HDB apartments, we promise that our dogs will not be a nuisance to our neighbours and our dogs will help us to guard and protect our home, family and neighbours.

When a street dog is given a chance to stay in an our HDB apartment - there will be less strays on the streets.


The black puppy without a tail that you saw in the video is Venus.

Special Thanks To
Ms Melanie Martens
Ms Chia Sui Yoon
Mrs Martens
Secret Garden
and the following students who have made the video possible:
Juliana Chia
Janine Loi
Lim Yu Ning
Cherie Zheng 

HDB = Housing and Development Board