Thursday, 13 January 2000

PPD to find pet takers if Noah has to abandon Ark

By Sharon Vasoo, The Straits Times

THE Primary Production Department (PPD) will help troubled animal sanctuary,
Noah's Ark Lodge, find new homes for its animals, if it cannot do so by Feb 16
when its tenancy agreement expires.

   Mr Goh Shih Yong, the head of PPD's public affairs department, told The
Straits Times yesterday: "We will be investigating whether Mr Quek has
breached his tenancy agreement with us, but meanwhile our concern is to find
new homes for these animals.

   "The animals can be returned to their owners, put up for adoption or
transferred to other kennels for boarding. But if Noah's Ark Lodge still can't
relocate all the animals on time, PPD will help them."

   The 2-ha Noah's Ark Lodge at Seletar West is home to some 250 dogs, 200 cats,
a pony, a swan, ducks, geese, chickens, goats, monkeys, rats, owls, crows, a
pair of lorises, a cassowary, a python, a civet cat and a ferret.

   In 1987, the land was tendered out to corporate trainer Harry Quek to run a
dog breeding and kennelling business.

   But the premises were later transformed into an animal sanctuary, managed by
Mr Raymund Wee.

   In an interview last week, Mr Wee said that he had sublet the land from Mr
Quek, who does not want to renew his tenancy.

   Mr Wee's appeals to the PPD to allow him to continue running the animal
sanctuary were rejected.

   PPD's Mr Goh said that the department would work with the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to find new homes for the dogs and cats.

   When contacted last night, Mr Wee said: "I knew it was illegal for Mr Quek to
sublet the land to me. But he promised he'd protect me."

   About 20,000 people have signed an online petition to help him remain on the
land, he added.

Source: The Straits Times
Date: 13 January 2000

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